selected ensemble pieces


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port 42 |2013
for large ensemble
Ensemble Zeitfluss, Cond: Edo Micic
May 27th 2013, Minoritensaal Graz

lady mcbeth | 2014
for sextet
Ensemble Schallfeld, Cond: Edo Micic
March 12th 2014, Minoritensaal Graz

mücken sind kernobst, bild 06 |2013
music for theater
voice, subbassflute, e-bass, laundry dryer,
percussion, keyboards&synth, live – electronics
szene instrumental, W. Hattinger
Nov 30th 2013, Theater am Lend, Graz
Lyrics: F. M. Mujila

s.u.c.h.e. |2010
for juvenile choir
Keplerspatzen, Cond: Ulrich Höhs
Feb 2011, Helmut List Halle Graz
Lyrics: E. Jandl


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