Handcrafted Artisan Dilruba – Refurbished and set up

A wonderful, refurbished Dilruba with proper strings attached.

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This instrument found its way from India via France and Austria into my hands. I bought it from an instrument collector who has owned it for many years. It has ben played rarely. I decided to take the chance, and repair it. The work was done by Daniel Furian, who is a very careful instrument maker with who I have previously worked on other Indian instruments.
We repaired the bridge and replaced all diverter pulleys (diverting the resonance strings on the neck beneath the main strings).
I did a carful selection of strings.
The main string is a cembalo string made of iron, providing a fat but mellow sound.
The sound characteristic is full yet soft, providing a lush resonance and reverb.

The Dilruba comes with a bit bulky box, but it is kept safe there.
No bow is included!
Neither are other utilities!
Please contact me for pricing and shipping information.




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