Esraj Handbook

Esraj Handbook

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Handbook on the Indian string instrument Esraj



About this handbook
Since some years I receive various questions from musicians
and ambitious about-to-become esraj players. The idea for
the handbook was to provide an introduction to performing
esraj and its playing technique, mostly from a western point
of view. It will not replace finding a teacher, but hopes to give
a little guidance when knowledge around is rare. This instrument
is not often encountered and it is not well known,
especially outside, but also inside India, its land of origin. The
book is to be developed further and further and understands
itself as a work in progress.

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    About this handbook
    Why esraj?
    About the instrument
    Structure of the instrument
    Position and playing
    The Bow
    Special FX
    Around performance
    Some theory on music
    Learning esraj
    Buying an esraj
    Performing live
    About the author

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1 review for Esraj Handbook

  1. M.

    A great introduction to the instrument and its context, well structured and easy to follow! I am not an esraj player, but this book gave me a lot of inspiration as an improviser and musician interested in intercultural aspects of music. I recommend this handbook for all music lovers, scholars and practitioners that want to get an easy-to grasp, hands-on insight into the esraj and its musical context. Thanks for the good work!

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