… did the academies of music and forgot.

He breathes Sound.

He lives in Graz until the political situation drives him away.

He is performer.

He composes contemporary and cinematic sound.

He performs live with Indian instruments and synthesizers in experimental setups.

He loves people.

coming up

23nd Nov
Ringring Festival
with szene instrumental

6th Dec 20.00hrs
mit Irina Karamarkovic &
M. Petrowitsch
Streaming via YT

Jan 2022
denovaire&irina karamarkovic
@ artist’s graz
hopefully live!


Studies of Composition with G.F.Haas, Gerd Kühr, Pierreluigi Billone and Beat Furrer in Graz.

Studies of classical Indian music with Ustad Arshad Khan and Pandit Sukhdev Mishra in Delhi and Benares. Masterclasses with Bernhard Lang and @ Darmstädter Ferienkurse.

Founding of the IndiaFusion Ensemble „Dancing Shiva“ 2003, Founding of the Festival „Indiasphere“ in Graz (direction 2008-2010), Concerts in Berlin, Hamburg, Vienna, Belgrade, Graz, Klagenfurt, Salzburg, Sarajewo, Delhi, Färoer, Copenhagen, Milano, Rome, Alpbach, Turin amo

Cooperations with: Ensemble Integrales, Ensemble Zeitfluss, Szene Instrumental, Schallfeld Ensemble, Max Brand Ensemble, Stringquantet, Styrian Improviser’s Orchestra, Tiroler Ensemble für Neue Musik a.m.o.

Denovaire works as a composer, conductor, synthesizer performer, and Esraj player as live- and studio musician in the fields: Modern Contemporary, Indian Music, Ambient, Jazz- Rock-Fusion, Electronic and Experimental Music. Also, he works as a music producer for various musicians and labels.

In 2012 he was awarded the State grant by the Austrian Government, also in 2012, he won the 1st prize in the Gustav Mahler composition competition.

Performances at Forum Alpbach in 2018 and opening of the Styriarte in 2022.

Denovaire lives and works in Graz.


Art direction of an interactive audio game
„dystopian pleasure III“ at „ring ring“ Festival Belgrade with Irina
Karamarković, Grilli Pollheimer und W. Hattinger
Commissioned work for “Lichtstadt Feldkirch” for video on urban structures together with ochoResotto
Live@ v:nm Graz & Ljubljana with Katharina Klement and Samo Kutin & Matej Bunderla
Music Design for “the city as a datafield” at Stadtmuseum Graz
Workshop at Private University Vienna
starting of “modern composer’s channel” on Youtube
Performance at “styriarte” with Irina Karamarkovic
Performance at Panćevo Jazz Festival with Fish in Oil and Irina Karamarković
Commission of an ensemble piece for Ensemble Ambitus
Creation of a 1000 piece cinematic library commissioned by welove.audio
Co-Founding of “welove.audio”, a startup for adaptive music for video games
Assignment at Forum Alpbach for eight trombones
“dystopian pleasure II” at Minoritensaal Graz
Perf. at World Peace day with Joanneum / Graz
[ 2017 ]
Publishing of the “esraj handbook”, a teaching book for the rare Indian instrument esraj.
Performance in Innsbruck with TENM
Performance together with Dancing Shiva and the Philharmonic Orchestra Graz in the Operahouse/Graz.
Commission for “Carmina Nova” from Vokalforum Graz and multiple performances plus CD Recording
Teaching at Kunstuniversität Graz
[ 2016 ]
Performances of Ensemble Schallfeld in Milano and Rome
Performance Concert “dystopian pleasure” for retro-futuristic ensemble with szene instrumental at Forum Stadtpark/Graz
Performance of  “music for transition” in Vienna and Klagenfurt
Performance in Innsbruck with TENM at Harry Triendl’s “Zyklus IV”
[ 2015 ]
Performances of Schallfeld Ensemble in Brussles, Vienna and Graz
[ 2014 ]
Radio Portrait Concert in the Slovenian Radio (RTV SLO)
Performance at im musikprotokoll/ Steirischer Herbst within “Konfrontationen 5”
[ 2013-2016 ]
Theater works with Markus Jastraunig and Carla Almeida
[ 2013 ]
Performances of Max Brand Ensemble in Färöer and Denmark Performances of Ensemble Zeitfluss in Minoritensaal/ Graz;
Performance for esraj, samples and multiple speakers “Thokar #8” at Essl Museum / Vienna;
Music theater “mücken sind kernobst” with UniT/Graz, Sandra Schüddekopf and szene instrumental
Assistance for Bernhard Lang
[ 2012, 2014, 2016, 2021 ]
Participation in international music programs with v:nm
[ 2012 ]
“primary emotions” in Graz, Feldkirch and Salzburg, music for theater with Veza Fernandez, Alina Stockinger and Alexa Zach
Performance of “wolfpack” at Musikforum Viktring as the winning entry of Gustav Mahler composition competition
multiple music album productions
[ 2011 ]
Work for choirs and ensemble “muata erdn” with 100 musicians in Mumuth/Graz and Gleisdorf
[ 2010-2014 ]
Workshops with students within „Konfrontationen“ of  School authority Styria
[ 2010, 2012, 2013 ]
Performances of  „Grandvizier’s Chest“ , a avantgard/rock music production for 14 musicians at Porgy&Bess Vienna and Steyr and twice in Graz
[ 2008-2014 ]
Creation and direction of “Indiasphere”, a festival for indian music and Dance in Graz
[ 2006 & 2007]
“Steirischer Herbst” within the projects „Klangwege 2006“ and participation in the “Künstleratelier Dachstein-Cult“;
Performances at Stiftung Starke/Berlin and the Austrian Cultural Forum/ Berlin


artistic sound design

for acoustic environments: light (mapping) shows, music in public space

audio for digital space

sound design and adaptive music for computer games, films and videos

music for concert halls

@ clubs and other venues: compositions in various settings including solo, duo, trio, larger ensembles, improvised or composed music for modern ensembles

filming & video creation

image films, youtube and social media

denovaire &
irina karamarković

vocals, esraj and synths venturing out on an exceptional journey


an interactive audio story
...more info soon!

modern composer's

tutorials, music, experiments and more


Be water my friend
Bruce Lee

live on stage

I can’t understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I’m frightened of the old ones.
John Cage


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