denovaire composition & music production analogue & digital sound for films and games wonderful sound for your projects

Adaptive music design for games

You want to enhance your video game with stunning action tracks or relaxing, otherworldly spheres?

You want the music adapt to each and every game situation?

Have a listen here and have a chat with us to explore the possibilities of your project!

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Music for films and media

Designing music for  film is  based on the understanding,

that sound effects, dialogue and music merge

into a holistic experience.

This is only achieved by shifting the musical character

towards the sound effects.

This is the future, „music“ music was yesterday.

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créateur sonore et compositeur

Denovaire studied composition in Graz/Austria, he writes for contemporary ensembles and choirs, designs adaptive music for games, produces music for media and films, performs life with synthesizers and the Indian instrument „Esraj“, in various styles from experimental to world music, runs his youtube channel, creates videos and is active with various projects in arts and beyond.

Music for Videos and Commercials

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For any video productions, music is crafted specifically, if the budget allows. Get in touch to find the best solution for your product!

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Styriarte – opening 2022

GrazMuseum – logo creation (co-founder, renamed to GLMT): creation of a 1000+ pieces library of adaptive game music & co-creation of an adaptive audio engine

European Forum Alpbach – live performance

ORF Universum – composition

OchoReSotto – music for exhibitions, commercials and light shows

University of Arts, Graz – composition and teaching

Styrian Government, Dept. Int. Affairs – video creation

Music and Arts Private University Vienna – teaching

Steirische Gesellschaft f. Kulturpolitik – video creation



completed studies of composition and arrangement in graz/A,
studies of  indian music delhi and benares/IND


orchestration, piano, violin, esraj, indian instruments, percussions, synthesizers, modular systems, recording & studio technique


2000+ tracks nuendo & vienna ensemble pro setup, vienna MIR, ableton live, sibelius, dorico, unity, wwise, vcv rack


orchestral tools: berlin woodwinds, metropolis ARK 1-3, JXL brass, berlin brass, berlin percussion, time micro, string runs

spitfire audio: hans zimmer strings, earth DNA, phobos,  orchestral swarm, percussion swarm, eric whitacre choir, orbis

native instruments: complete 12, mallet flux, straylight, thrill,  a.m.o.

others: spectrasonics omnisphere + keyscape, damage 2, taiko creator, ethnic drum ensembles, ethno world 6, dark era, era II, a.m.o.

hardware synthesizers: 300+ TE modular system, ARTURIA: polybrute,  mini brute and microfreak, SOMA pulsar 23, KORG microkorg, MAKENOISE 0coast+0ctrl, MOOG mother32, subharmonicon, dfam, B2600


for productions the best fitting musicians and production methods are chosen. amongst them are:

step, hop, urban  production

canice @ mandrill beats

add. orchestration

robin wade, steve aho


canice @ mandrill beats


sonic mastering /munich


irina karamarkovic, eva novak a.m.o.


grilli pollheimer, franz schmuck

rock guitars

ulrich ellison, peter pussarnig

acoustic guitars

harald petersdorfer

video & concepts

daniel gärtner