Dystopian Pleasure


6 musicians
1 visual artist
1 sound director

June 24th 2016,
Forum Stadtpark, Graz

nothing is as it may seem today and today nothing is as it may seem in the future.
a rhizom made of sound, trash-instruments, visuals and performance of a society, which long ago has lost the thread it claims to weave.

dystopian pleasure is a multimedia performance featuring six musicians:
80 mins of composed and improvised space/ noise/ industrial/ avantgarde sound, choreographed elements and scores.
both electric and acoustic instruments are used: bicycle, drums, gongs, metals, contrabass, electric bass, amped bassflute, keyboards, sampler, electric violin.
live visuals and sound direction accompany and support the performance.

dystopian pleasure ist eine multimediale performance mit sechs musikern/ performern.
das durchgehende ca 80 minütige programm bietet space/ noise/ industrial/ avantgarde sound, choreographierte abläufe und einstudierte partituren.
das instrumentarium ist sowohl akustisch als auch elektrisch und beinhaltet instrumente wie: fahrrad, trommeln, gongs, metalle, kontrabass, elektrischen bass, verstärkte bassflöte, keyboards, sampler, elektrische violine usw…
live visuals und klangregie runden die performance ab.




Daniel Gärtner, video art
Denovaire, komposition & konzept, synthesizer und keyboards
Elisa Azarra, flöten
Grilli Pollheimer, (trash)percussion
Margarethe Mayerhofer-Lischka, kontrabaß und e-bass
Peter Venus, klangregie
Simon Frick, violine und e-violine
Wolfgang Hattinger, leitung szene instrumental
+special guest mc broko



pics by mcbroko