composer : performer


Composer and live musician Denovaire, born 1978, studied composition in Graz/Austria with G. Kühr, G.F.Haas, P.Billone and B.Furrer. After studying Indian music in Delhi and Benares he incorporated non-european sounds in his music and merged them with the languages of European Avantgarde. Also influenced by Jazz, Rock and contemporary styles,

he writes scores (partly open for improvising moments) for various ensembles and performs keyboards and the Indian string instrument Esraj. Always moving between styles like instant composing, noise, contemporary modern music, world music and ambient he also conducts the Styrian Improviser’s Orchestra and produces music albums for labels. His compositions are performed by Ensemble Integrales, Ensemble Zeitfluss,

Szene Instrumental, Schallfeld Ensemble, Max Brand Ensemble, Tiroler Ensemble für Neue Musik, Stringquantet a.m.o.

In 2017 he co-founded and produces adaptive music for video games.

2012 he was awarded the State stipendium by the Austrian Government, also 2012 he won the 1st prize of Gustav Mahler composition competition.



“Between the sound and the no-sound exists a delicate moment that makes me happy. I like to share this moment with you”


a multimedial dystopian dream: avantgarde meets industrial


carefully handcrafted audio for media and games